Vanesa is a beautiful woman, she is a mother and she is known for her energy and her spirituality. She is a women who wants to grow and everyday no matter what is going on in the world, she thanks God for all the blessings she has received throughout her life. She is a happy woman, strong and a woman who knows her strengths and is ready to face the future.

MARIA QUINTANA, OQ Creative Director

María is also a mother. She is also beautiful. She is a warrior. She has drawn her own path, built with effort and tears her own future. With her family by her side and always with that spark of joyness in her look. She thanks life for what she has received and without a doubt she is a happy woman.

Vanesa is a chef, María is a designer, and still having very different professions, they have many things in common. Together they have managed to overcome the women stereotypes we face in Colombia; submissive, uncapable of being liders, weak. They have defeated their fears, confronted their mistakes and have had a victorious outcome. They have been empowered women, determined and fearless.

Women in Colombia, like Vanesa and Maria have demonstrated their strength, the fact that the shine with their own light. These are two examples of how admirable we are. Like them we are millions of women who are determined to overcome obstacles and defeat our fears.

We find each other in a breaking point in Colombia’s history and women’s role in society. This is why we decided to hear testimonials, sharing women’s lifes, we want to be a vehicle for people to value what it means to be a woman.

We want to empower more women, give them a voice and a moment to share their experience and above all, thank them for being who they are.

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